About us



Welcome to Benjamin Webb Home Decor, an established decorating company with more than 15 years experience in high quality painting and decorating.

Benjamin Webb is a professional decorator with a background in art and design. He has worked within interior focused business acquiring invaluable knowledge and skills relating to all aspects of painting and decorating, furniture painting, decorative painting, and furniture restoration.

The right decor can transform your home

We can use our expertise to transform your home and create rooms to be proud of. Choosing the right combination of colour and tone can make all the difference - make cold rooms feel warmer, small rooms feel bigger or maybe revive a tired piece of furniture. You may already be confident with your choice of colour, no problem, just tell us what you would like and we will put your plan in to action, finished to the highest standard, with care and attention to detail.

A newly painted piece of furniture can lift a room

Whether you are looking to finish newly built or update existing furniture, professional furniture painting can transform what you have into a unique and stylish conversation piece and a focus to any room. Anything from vintage and modern stand-alone to fitted kitchens and bedrooms, finished to the colour and style of your choice from the traditional to the contemporary.

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved  Photographs by Benjamin Webb and Becky Cooper